Dr Phillip Wong MBBS PhD FRACP

Dr Phillip Wong is an endocrinologist and a  graduate of the University of Melbourne. He completed his specialist training in endocrinology at The Royal North Shore Hospital (Sydney), St Vincent's Hospital (Sydney) and Monash Health (Melbourne).

Phillip has a PhD (Monash University) in the area of osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease with a strong clinical, research and academic focus in this area. He is affiliated wth Monash Health where he works as an endocrinologist; and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research as a research officer. Dr Wong was awarded the Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award in 2014 from the Endocrine Society of Australia in recognition of his research in bone disease. He regularly attends national and international conferences in endocrinology and has multiple publications in international journals.

Dr Wong is also highly experienced in treating diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal and female and male specific hormone problems.

Phillip believes in a holistic approach to medical care and engages with his patients and their general practitioners to achieve the best medical outcomes.

Furthermore, Phillip will always accommodate urgent patients who can be seen in a timely manner if requested by their referring doctor.


Phillip also practices in Williamstown and Werribee at: 

Williamstown Specialist Centre                    Wyndham Private Consulting Suites

87 Ferguson Street                                       Level 1/242 Hoopers Lane

Williamstown VIC 3016                                Werribee VIC 3030

Tel:  03 9397 2111                                       Call Main Rooms in Moonee Ponds

Fax: 03 9397 8352


Hospital Appointments

Endocrinologist, Monash Health (Monash Medical Centre and Dandenong Hospital)

Endocrinologist, John Fawkner Private Hospital


Member of Endocrine Society of Australia

website  https://www.endocrinesociety.org.au/ 

Member of Australian New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society

website https://www.anzbms.org.au/

Member of Endocrine Society (USA)

website https://www.endocrine.org/about-us


2011                            Australian Postgraduate Award

2011                            Osteoporosis Australia/Royal Australian College of Physician Research Entry Award

2012                            Finalist, Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award

2013                            Travel Award US Endocrine Society Annual Meeting

2014                            Winner, Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award

2015                            Monash University Publication Award

2015                            Amgen/Osteoporosis Australia Clinical Grant Award

2016                            Henry Burger Award, Monash Health, Victoria

2017                            Robert Maple Brown Research Establishment Award, Royal Australian College of Physicians

2017                            2017 Early Investigators Award, US Endocrine Society

2018                            NHMRC Early Career Fellowship


Selected Publications


  •         Ebeling PR, Nguyen HH, Aleksova J, Vincent AJ, Wong P, Milat F.Secondary Osteoporosis. Endocrine Review. 2021 Sep 3
  •         Herath M, Wong P, Milat F.Dilemma of denosumab therapy: rebound fractures with denosumab cessation or dose delay. Intern Med J. 2021         Feb;51(2):297-298
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  •         Trinh, A., Wong, P., Fahey, M.C., Brown, J., Strauss, B.J., Ebeling, P.R., Fuller, P.J., Milat, F. Longitudinal changes in bone density in adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy: A case for early intervention (2019) Clinical Endocrinology, 91 (4), pp. 517-524.
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  •         Aleksova J, Wong P, McLachlan R, Choy KW, Ebeling PR, Milat F, Elder GJ (2018) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin as a Risk Factor for Non-Vertebral Fracture in Men on Dialysis. Kidney International
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  •         Yap N, Wong P, McGinn S, Nery ML, Doyle J, Wells L, et al. Femoral Neck X-Ray Absorptiometry Parameters and Peripheral Quantitative Computer Tomography Tibial Cortical Density Predict Survival in Dialysis Patients. Nephron. 2017.
  •         Wong P, Milat F, Fuller PJ, Kerr PG, Doery JCG, Oh DH, et al. Urolithiasis is prevalent and are associated with reduced bone mineral density in β-thalassaemia major. Internal Medicine Journal, Accepted 2017      
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